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So far, we have a 100% success rate with licence applications and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have stated that they wholeheartedly support our company policies.

Of course, licences are not guaranteed. The success of the application depends on the information you submit. We’ll work with you, offering helpful professional advice and guidance to help steer you toward a successful application.

We act as a guide, asking you the questions that the UKGC want answering and providing you with the forms they want completing. Then we act as a teacher, assessing your answers to see if they have been answered in a way that passes UKGC scrutiny. We also act, when necessary, as a manager, coordinating the information flow and keeping you updated with what data is still needed. Think of us as your private tutor, helping you study for one of the biggest business tests of your career!

You will need this, because the UKGC licence application procedure is opaque, unexplained and badly presented – just ask anyone who has tried to do the job themselves. We’ve worked with over 30 clients and obtained over 100 personal and operator UK gaming licences, so it’s our experience that will ensure a trouble-free and speedy licensing procedure. Just look at what our clients say


Compliance is the most important consideration for the UK regulator and accordingly, should also be your most important concern. It’s business critical - if breached, it poses a significant risk to your business. Any infringement of the rules could mean you either suffer a fine, or your licence to operate can either be restricted or removed. In the current political climate, the regulator is just waiting to take someone’s licence away, so every C-level executive must put regulatory compliance at the top of their agenda.

For start-ups, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is very concerned that your Chief Compliance Officer may not be sufficiently trained or experienced enough to manage the ever-expanding compliance role. For operators new to the United Kingdom, you may think that you know all about compliance, but there are many differences between jurisdictions, both in regulations and approach. Just because you’ve been doing it for years in one jurisdiction, does not mean you will be compliant when entering the UK market. That’s where we come in.

We’ll provide you with all the company policies you will need to abide by the UKGC’s Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice and therefore get licensed. We will even help you write your business plan, so it answers all of the UKGC’s questions. Once you are licensed, we can continue to provide you with ongoing compliance advice - an approach favoured by the UK Gambling Commission – so that at every stage of your growth story you’ll remain regulatorily compliant and retain that all-important licence.

This usually means we’ll work with you one for day a month, helping you set up your compliance policies and procedures, then ensuring these are implemented, reviewed and maintained satisfactorily. We will provide telephone advice throughout the month, visit your offices when necessary, and work with you to find a sensible solution for any compliance issue.

Our objective is to get your gaming business set up with all the necessary policies and procedures in place, instilling a comprehensive understanding of how they fit with day to day operations, so that compliance becomes second nature. Then we’ll be your coach and mentor, ensuring that regulatory compliance remains at the very heart of your business.


As much as we love licensing and compliance, www.GamblingConsultant.co.uk Limited has over twenty-five years of experience in advising gambling industry clients about business strategy and gambling politics. We have advised operators of all sizes on new products and new markets; we’ve advised several governments on how and what to introduce in new gambling regulations and how to identify where old ones are not working. We’ve also advised investment banks, private equity houses and trade associations on the future of British gambling politics and how this will impact the gambling industry.

We take a generation’s worth of experience and mix it with an in-depth knowledge of the gambling industry to provide our clients with the answers they need to fulfil their business vision. Whether it’s an analysis of the pros and cons of entering a new market, the impact that offering a new product will have, or even what will happen to gambling regulation and taxation after the next election - we can help.
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