May 31, 2020

Coping with COVID-19 UKGC Restrictions

As Britain's leading licensing and compliance consultancy, we have now launched a brand new course to help operators cope with the new online gambling restrictions introduced by the UKGC.

It's the latest offering in a bundle of seven courses necessary to keep fully compliant with the annual UKGC regulatory training requirements - still only £300.
The UKGC were incredibly quick to impose new stricter restrictions on online gambling in the UK. Regardless of whether this was legal or justified, all UKGC licensed operators have to upgrade their social responsibility functions on a massive scale to counter the assumed threat of increased problem gambling in the time of Covid-19 lockdown. Steve Donoughue, CEO and Founder of Limited commented on the new restrictions:

'These are a potential recipe for the disaster. They were introduced with no consultation, or evidence of need or effect. It’s the gambling industry that will have to massively increase the amount of resources it spends on staying compliant, with limited evidence of any social benefit. This new course will help them through the maze of new restrictions and keep them compliant.'

The half-hour course is a presentation where Steve Donoughue explains each of the new restrictions and analyses their implications for your company. The course is priced at £60 and if taken as part of the UKGC Compliance Bundle (price £300) brings the cost per course included down to just under £43 each.

We defy you to find a course of similar content and expert insight for such great value!

We offer comprehensive online training courses in:

UKGC COVID-19 Restrictions
Anti-Money Laundering
Prevention of Problem Gambling
Customer Interaction Policy
UK Advertising Regulations
Information Security

Each course is priced at just £60 with the bundle of all seven courses, if bought together, priced at an unbeatable £300.

All you need to do is click here to enrol. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. New courses will be added over time and all courses are regularly updated to reflect new regulatory requirements.

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