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Coping with COVID-19 UKGC Restrictions

As Britain's leading licensing and compliance consultancy, we have now launched a brand new course to help operators cope with the new online gambling restrictions introduced by the UKGC. It's the latest offering in a bundle of seven courses necessary to keep fully compliant with the annual UKGC regulatory training requirements - still only £300. The UKGC were incredibly quick to impose new stricter restrictions […]

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Affordable compliance training available now

With ever-increasing regulation and more operators facing hefty fines, robust compliance and effective training has never been more important. Learn from home with our online training. As Britain's leading licensing and compliance consultancy, we have now launched our online UKGC Licensing training courses, at a considerable discount, compared with many competitors. We're selling a bundle of six courses necessary to […]

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Won’t somebody please think of the children?

At 6pm on Tuesday 26th February 2019, in Committee Room 12 of the Houses of Parliament, the Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group hosted a seminar entitled ‘Are children really gambling? And if they are, what needs to be done about it’. To discuss this contentious topic were a highly eminent panel; David Williams, […]

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Why does everybody hate us?

Why does everybody hate us? Don’t hide from the media or bury your head in the sand - it’s time to fight back, says Steve Donoughue. You could be excused, when listening or reading a news story about gambling recently, or even in your most wonkishness, listening to a Parliamentary debate, for wondering why what […]

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The system is broken

The trouble with writing for a magazine, however eminent an organ, is that you write three months in advance of when people (hopefully) will read it. So, I’m writing this just as Teresa May’s EU Withdrawal Bill has suffered the worst defeat by any government in modern history. By the time that you’re reading this, […]

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